Haven’t posted in a hot minute but for my fourth drawing I’ve decided to go with something I’ve been enjoying quite a bit lately: Bubble tea. I’ve even been learning how to make different flavors and variations at home. While drawing number four here may not be my best I still think it came out pretty cute. Not quite how I was hoping but I’d give myself a 7/10 for effort. Do you enjoy bubble tea or boba? If so, share your favorite flavors with me in the comment section, I’d love to know. My favorites so far are Honeydew Milk Tea with Strawberry Popping Boba and Honey Oolong Milk Tea with regular Boba. Yum! ^_^

Crafting: Tulip Wreath

I made this colorful tulip wreath quite a while ago but am still enjoying it’s beauty on my front door. I figured since I was planning on making a different colored variation of it, that I would share how to make this fun and simple wreath. You don’t even need to be very crafty to get beautiful results. So, let’s start it off by getting our necessary materials. I purchased everything to make this wreath at Michael’s craft store but I’m sure you could use supplies you find at other places like Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, and even dollar stores.

To start, you’ll need to purchase about 10-15 bunches of flowers. I use Tulip Bushes from Michael’s because the quality seems to work best for me. My wreath hangs where it gets a bit of morning sunlight so I don’t really have to worry about sunlight fading the silk flowers. If you plan on hanging your wreath where a lot of harsh, direct sunlight will beat down on it, this may not hold up long for you. The flower bunches are typically $3.99 a bunch but go on sale for around $1.99 all the time so that would be a good time to stock up on them. Choose whatever colors strike your fancy.


  • Foam wreath
  • Hot glue gun or floral pins
  • Strong scissors or wire cutters
  • 1.5″ ribbon
  • String or twine
  • Tulips (or any sort of silk flowers)


1. Snip the large stems from each bush. Each bush has 8 stems with 2-3 blooms on each stem. Using wire cutters, cut each stem a few inches away from the base of the bush. Move all the leaves and greenery up to the base of the blooms. I like the leaves, but you don’t want them, you can take them off by slipping them off the cut end.

2. Secure the ribbon to the wreath. You can use either hot glue or floral pins to attach the ribbon. I like to work with the ribbon coming up in the center and then back around to the outer edge. The side you start on is personal preference and will not alter the final outcome of your wreath’s appearance.

3. Start wrapping the ribbon and tucking the tulips in as you go. Typically, I put two stems in each row of ribbon, and try to alternate so they fill the space nicely. The closest the ribbon is to the blooms, the tighter the effect. If you like more of a random look, you can leave more of the stem exposed which will cause the tulips to flop around a bit more. Both are beautiful. Pull the ribbon nice and tight!

4. Continue wrapping and tucking around the wreath. Your ribbon will overlap quite a bit towards the center of the wreath, and should barely overlap on the outer edge. This is important to be consistent, otherwise you may wrap the ribbon too closely and you’ll run out of ribbon or flowers or both!

5. Finish off the wreath by squeezing in your last few stems into the first few stems. It gets a little tricky to fit the tulips in but just do your best to cover all the foam and get enough tulips in to fill the space. If you have any noticeable bald spots on your wreath you can fill those in by tucking more flowers into the ribbon or even hot gluing where necessary.

6. Secure the ribbon and add a loop for hanging. When you place your last tulip in it’s spot, secure the ribbon to the wreath with hot glue or floral pins. Then slip in a loop and fold the ribbon over the loop and secure it to the wreath if needed. If you have a wreath hook, you can just hang the wreath directly on to the hook.

Now your wreath should be ready for hanging. Enjoy!

30 Days of Drawing – 3.

So for my third drawing I decided to go with a shiny Vulpix. I kind of messed up on the hair and tail but that’s okay I guess. I also decided to color this one in and used colored pencils. I’m pretty happy with how the eye turned out and actually want to practice drawing eyes more. I’ll most likely draw more pokemon in the future and then eventually move on to more realistic eye attempts. I just find the cartoonish features fun to draw at the moment.

30 Days of Drawing – 2.

Day two of my 30 Days of Drawing challenge has me delving into a more detailed character drawing. I decided to draw Zenyatta in his baseball skin. This was drawn for my husband since Zenyatta is one of his favorite Overwatch characters and this is his favorite skin. I’ll probably wind up coloring it in for him in the future. The most difficult aspects to draw were the details in the neckline and the arms and hands. I’m not entirely happy with how those turned out but I did give them a few tries before deciding to leave them as they were. I’m excited to draw some more of my favorite video game characters in the future and look forward to expanding my ability to do more detailed and realistic drawings.

Caturday – Cat Appreciation Post – Poe

Caturday should technically be every day but alas, I’m not the one who makes the rules, just the one who occasionally breaks them. 😉 To kick off my first ever Caturday post I’m going to dedicate it to the cat I’ve had the longest who is still alive, my lovely, fluffy Poe. Poe was adopted on my birthday (November 19th) about seven years ago. My husband knows I’m a crazy cat lady so adopting cats was and is one of my favorite gifts ever. We went to our local animal shelter and he said to me, “We can bring home a kitten IF it’s a little white kitten that’s not a long haired cat.” We went through all the cat rooms at the shelter, as is our usual routine when we visit. We sat down in one of the kitten rooms and this little black and white fluff ball decided to jump on my husband’s shoulder and sit there like a parrot. My husband looks at him and declares, “Oh, no! Now I’m gonna have to take this one home!” As such, that’s how little Poe won our hearts despite my husband’s rule of no fluffy cats. He fell asleep on his future dad’s shoulders and did his best to make sure he was noticed. We brought him home the same day and was named Poe, after Edgar Allan Poe. Poe was a very playful kitten and grew up around a lot of our other cats, who passed on. His mentor was my older cat, Baby who passed the guardian kitty torch down to Poe when he (Baby) took the rainbow bridge. Poe grew to be an incredibly kind, well mannered, patient, quite cat. He loves his people and really loves kittens. He even enjoys the company of dogs. Poe is the most submissive out of all of our cats and the most well behaved. He loves his belly rubs, cat cans, and snuggling (especially under the blankets or with his younger brother, Genji). Cat intuition is one of his gifts and he has this amazing sense where he knows when I feel sad and he will automatically come to comfort me and give me kitty head boops. Poe is an amazing cat and I’m incredibly grateful he picked us to be his furever family. ❤